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Advanced Spinal Fitness is located in Mooresville, NC.

Never been to a chiropractor?

Chiropractors use their hands to align the spine and move joints that are a bit “sticky” and not moving optimally–treatment is called an “adjustment.” I also utilize soft tissue techniques to help free up crampy or spazzy muscles so you can hold your adjustment better. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.


Whats are the office visits like?

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To start, our office staff will get you set up for your first appointment–they can answer any questions you have before your appointment about typical treatments, exams, x-rays, insurance questions, and scheduling.

Your first appointment will consist of a consult with me so we can talk about your health concerns. I will perform an exam, depending on if you’re looking for nutritional or chiropractic care. If indicated, we can take x-rays on site. You may be able to get your first treatment on your first visit. Your first nutritional consult will end with preliminary exams, and basic nutritional guidance, with the option to have an in-depth, personalized nutritional care plan designed for you.

What makes this office different?

We pride ourselves on the very individual care we give our patients. No two patients are the same, and as your doctor, I recognize that and create your treatment plan accordingly. Factors such as your personal health history, lifestyle, occupation, sports, and hobbies help me understand how your spine functions and what exactly I need to do to make it function better for you. Your spine is your body’s foundation; you can’t have a strong body without a strong foundation.

Our Office is proud to offer the following adjusting techniques and therapeutic modalities:

  • x-ray in office
  • cervical spine traction
  • low-intensity laser therapy
  • diversified and low-force manual adjusting
  • drop adjusting
  • activator adjusting
  • myofacial release technique
  • instrument-assisted soft tissue massage
  • PIR & PFS soft tissue stretching

We carry nutritional products from Standard Process, Pure Encapsulations, and Vitanica.

We carry Intelliskin shirts and sports bras to support your adjustment and proper posture.

We carry Doterra Essential Oils as well.

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