The Doc

My name is Serena Zagst and I am a chiropractor and nutritionist practicing in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Many modern health issues can be attributed to lifestyle factors. For example, tension headaches can be caused by looking downward at phones or computers. My job is to hone in on what factor is causing my patients trouble, modify or eliminate that factor, and allow the body to adapt, which will eliminate pain and restore function. This is chiropractic, and this system is also applicable in nutritional therapy. Identify the dysfunctional pattern, eliminate it, allow the body to regain function.

What I Do

As a chiropractor I detect faults in movement or posture of the spine and skeleton and use my hands to restore normal movement to joints, alignment to bony structure, and tone to muscles. I am Webster certified to treat pregnant women, but my practice is an overall family practice, as I treat everyone from infants to grandparents.

As a nutritionist, I spend most of my time compiling nutrition programs to get patients back on track to meet their health goals. This entails piecing together specific foods and supplements that have a therapeutic effect on the body.

My Background

SerenaMurray092013_0005Originally I am from Central New York. I received my Bachelor’s degree in biology from Binghamton University, my Master of Science degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and my Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College.

I live in Mooresville with my husband Dan, our dog, and flock of chickens. In my spare time you’ll find me lifting weights, throwing the frisbee with the dog, gardening, or reading.