Eat Right

Nutrition Consultations

Before we sit down for a consultation, an intake form must be filled out. You can find that form here: nutrition intake form

At your first nutrition visit, we review your health complaints, concerns, and pertinent health history. We’ll talk about your current diet, supplements, and medications.

If you are a good candidate for nutritional therapy I will conduct an exam. An exam includes body measurements, observations, and skin caliper measurements. We may request existing blood work from your doctor. If needed, additional blood work can be requested. Depending on your issue, other laboratory tests may be requested.

After your consult and exam, I will give you my preliminary recommendations. This gives you an idea of how involved your treatment plan will be–will you just need some key supplements? Does it involve a major diet change? Other lifestyle modifications?

Because nutritional therapy is a lifestyle modification, it can be a big change for some people. I’ve designed three different levels of nutritional programming to help you make changes as seamless as possible. You will pick a level that you are able to work with that can meet your health goals.

  • The Boost – this programming gives you a supplement schedule for key nutrients needed to support your issues. Basic dietary modifications will be recommended.
  • The Re-Vamp – programming at this level analyzes your food intake over a period of days, and modifies your diet to better support your issues. Food types and serving sizes based on your basal metabolic rate and health goals are included. A supplement schedule recommends specific nutrients as indicated by the examinations and food log.
  • The Overhaul – meal planning over seven or fourteen days is provided with recipes focusing on specific foods that will be therapeutic for your particular issue. This programming includes food log analysis, dietary modification, and supplement recommendation.

A food log must be filled out for Re-Vamp and Overhaul programming. That can be found here: food log form and directions

Follow-up appointments after the start of your nutritional therapy serve to monitor your progress and troubleshoot any issues you are having with your modifications. Appropriate referrals are made should additional modalities be necessary to help you achieve your health goals.