Standard Process Purification Program: Three Days In

I’m not one to do nutritional “cleanses.” Over the past few years I’ve had patients and colleagues ask for my opinion on a specific “cleansing” or “detox” program. Most are marketed as a weight loss program. That’s the first red flag. Many involve no dietary changes, that’s the second red flag, and the last nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned.

I’m impartial to Standard Process, mostly because they grow the majority of the food they use to make their supplements. I’ve gone to some of their seminars and was pleasantly surprised at the presenters’ knowledge of nutrition, physiology, and current research about the topic at hand. They’re not a pyramid scheme and their products are genuine. So I decided to give the 21-day purification program a shot.

Yes you’re taking supplements and shakes. There are no meal replacements. You can eat anything you want besides grains, dairy, sugar, and processed vegetable oils (soybean, corn, canola). True adherence to the program requires leaving out animal proteins for the first 10 days. I’ve canned that for myself and the majority of our office staff because we are all so physically active that not having that additional protein would be a detriment. The program recommends eating twice the amount of vegetables than fruit, and half your vegetables raw.

So we’re 3 days into the cleanse. My breakfast is usually some variation of eggs with spinach, oregano, a tomato, and other vegetables.


Lunches and dinners are whatever vegetables I have on hand, with whatever meats we’ve got–which ends up being venison (the original free-range pastured meat). I’ll eat fruit as a snack and frozen fruit mixed into my smoothie.

This is day 3 and my cravings for bread and sugar have no yet ceased, but I would expect that to die down about 1-2 weeks after cutting it out of my diet. I’m actually finding that I’m craving meat more and more, which is fine considering I’m not restricting meat intake.

I hope to share more elaborate recipes on my blog in the future, but because of where we are in the grocery shopping in our house, we’re using up the stuff that’s already on hand and not preparing huge meals for the week yet. Expect that at the beginning of next week.

Whaddya think?